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The Cortex Video Crosswire generator is designed as a low cost overlay suitable for superimposing a central crosshair over any CCTV image.

The S454 is ideal for uses with video microscopes were an object has to be accurately positioned or for measuring using an external movable stage with linear encoder.

  • PAL composite and S-VHS video Inputs

  • Compact

  • Low Cost

  • Black or White Overlay

Crosswire Generator overlaying a laser beam (17K) The Crosswire generator overlaying a laser beam, ensuring the beam is centred on the image.


The standard pattern is a crosswire but can be any user-defined shape up to 64 X 64 pixels.
The shape is fixed at the centre point of the screen.
Video signals are 1V pp PAL colour or monochrome (NTSC optional); Composite and SVHS video input and output.
Power requirements are 9V DC at 300mA.
The pointer is housed in a robust metal case 95mm X 120mm X 60mm (H).

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