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Film Positioning System (2K)

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The Cortex CCS160 Film positioner enables standard high speed 16mm cine film to be positioned to high accuracy under a standard microscope and video camera. The film can be positioned, independent of the frame, by remote computer. The CCS160 is ideal for fast, accurate film positioning prior to video digitisation using the customer's own microscope and image analysis software.

  • Accepts 100ft reels of 16mm film.

  • Positions to 0.00018 inches.

  • Use with most microscopes.

  • Full RS232 control of film position.

  • Low cost flexible system.

The Cortex CCS160 16mm Film Positioner uses the latest stepper motor technology to allow the user to index the film by better than 5um over the film's full 100 feet. The operator can remotely, using an external PC, control all indexing functions, thus allowing the film to be moved to non-standard frame positions.

The current position of the film is always known by issuing the 'W' (where) command and a 'D' (datum) can be set at any time. 'M' (moves) can be relative to the last move or 'MA' (move absolute) to the previously set datum. The unit can easily be integrated into existing video analysis software thus allowing 'automatic' analysis of 16mm films.




Better than 5pm

Wind Rewind Speed

100 feet per minute. Auto end stop.


12O/24OV selectable.

Control Unit

2U 19" rack case with mounted joystick and direction. Full 9600 Baud RS232 control. With commands to read current position, move to position, set parameters etc.

Film Drive

Twin servo-assisted take-up spools with integral electronics with micro-stepping motor indexing system. All motors stop if film tension is lost for any reason.

Film Gate

Clear over full size of frame to allow under lighting.

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