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The IQ112 is an advanced video overlay generator enabling text to be positioned on any portion of the screen.

The IQ112 is controlled via an RS232 serial link from a PC or terminal.

  • The IQ112 can also annotate over a CCTV screen.

  • Simple control using RS232 link to PC or terminal

  • PAL composite or S-VHS video input and output. (NTSC versions available)

  • Up to 504 characters in upper and lower case can be displayed (in 19 rows of 28 characters).

The user can set the character position using the sequence ESCmn where ESC is ASCII 0x1B and m and n are characters defining the column and row i.e. A=0, B=1, C=2 .. Z=26 and [=27. Note that these characters must be upper case. A example visual basic program is available.

Commands ASCII codes (in decimal)

length of command

Clear screen (text cursor is at the the top left corner of the display area or position (0,0))


First of 3 codes (27) indicates "Set screen position"

Second code sets column position (e.g character B sets column position to 1)

Third code sets row position (e.g character C sets row  position to 2)

First character is 27 (Escape key)

Second and third characters set the column and row. The characters are in the range of A to Z and [

(A = 0, B = 1, C = 2 ... Z = 26, [ = 27 )

(All uppercase characters)


After setting screen position, send required character to be displayed Type in required character As required
Carriage return, Line and Form feed are interpreted in the standard way. Codes CR (13), LF (10) and FF (12) As standard



Power 86V to 260V via 3 pin IEC plug.
Video 1V pp PAL colour or monochrome (NTSC optional); Composite and SVHS video input and output.
Physical Weight 1500gm; Size 210mm (W) X 190mm (D) X 80mm (H)


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