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The IQ  Template Generator S601 is a high resolution display generator capable of superimposing lines, circles, crosses and boxes (Icons) on standard composite video signals, such as those generated by closed-circuit TV cameras such as used on microscopes,  NTSC and  PAL video formats are supported. It performs many of the functions of the OVG-1 model built by Advanced Micro Systems Inc.


    The S601 is an advanced video template generator that allows the user to define up to 10 independent groups of overlays. Each group can contain up to 9 individual shapes (icons), which can be rectangles circles or cross wires. Each group contains a point of reference (origin) to allow easy placement over an object in the live video. All overlays are stored in internal eerom memory for later recall.


    The S601 has 10 user definable template groups that are selected by the number keys on the keypad (N.B. groups can only be selected when no text is on the overlay, if text is present press ESC). Each group can consist of up to 10 different shapes (icons) each icon can have one of 5 patterns whose size, position and rotation can be modified independently.



The High resolution capability of 700x640 pixels, with position read-out allows detail measurement and display in many applications;


QC Measurement:

Applications include the Measurement and comparison for inspection systems. The indicator may be used for minimum and maximum tolerance checking. The circle capability may be used for diameter measurements.

The measurements/Terminal option permits direct, on screen numerical display of measurement data, making the S601 a complete standalone measurement tool.

Remote control via RS-323 permits measurements to be initiated and logged by the host computer.



Operators may be prompted for alignment of components in semi-automatic equipment suck as pick and place machines, semiconductor processing, NC machine tools (X, Y alignment), and many more.


Targeting Systems:

The circle generating capability can be used in target reticule systems.


Pattern Recognition:

The available position and timing signals maybe used to implement low cost pattern detection systems. The video 'window' can be used to select defined areas of the image for detection of edges, or test marks such as ink dots. An option digitize and pixel counter allows read out of data.



Physical Size

8.125 inches (208mm)(W) X  7.125 inches (180mm)(D) X 3.25 inches (85mm) (H)


3.5 lbs (1625gm), Keyboard 0.9lb (400gm)


100 - 240V AC , 110 -340V DC




IBM AT keyboard with 6-pin mini-DIN connector.


Two button quadrature mouse (Amiga style)


508 points X 410 lines


5 years with internal EEROM.

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