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The IQ105 Template Generator is designed to generate adjustable templates over an external video signal. The IQ105 will accept PAL composite and S-vhs (Y/C) video signals. An NTSC version is available.

All normal operations are carried out using a two button mouse (or tracker ball). Provision is made for fitting a external calibration unit to alter the aspect ratio of the screen, this only needs to be carried out once for any particular camera type. The aspect ratio is stored in non-volatile memory.

Circular templates

This allows the size and screen position of 3 consecutive circles to be changed using the supplied mouse.

Rectangular templates

To allow the size and screen position of three boxes to be changed, boxes are centred to each other and their widths reduced to one line.

Angle templates

This lets you change the length, relative angle and screen position of three boxes.


All operations are carried out using a mouse

Operational diagram for the IQ105 (5K)



Power 86V to 260V via 3 pin IEC plug.
Video 1V pp PAL colour or monochrome (NTSC option); composite and S-vhs input and output.
Cursor 500 X 500 digital positions; Front panel control from black to white
Mouse Amiga 9pin D
Physical Weight 1500gm; Size 210mm (W) X 190mm (D) X 80mm (H)

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